Smoking is Dangerous for Your Health — and Your Fish!

He is a big man, 240-260 pounds with a pan handle mustache and loves to smoke big cigars. He booked a charter with me and we used my open 17′ Boston Whaler.

While running back and forth to the fishing spots, my guest insisted on smoking his cigars, which meant I was constantly having cigar ashes blowing into my eyes and hair (just one of those things guides must grin and bear). On the second day out, my guest was fighting a 6 pound Coho with light gear when he insisted on me lighting his big cigar that was hanging from his mouth.

After following his request, the Coho decided to make a run towards our boat. He lifted the rod tip to try and take up slack when the tip of his cigar touched the monofilament just about the reel seat — everything let go!!!!

He didn’t give up….this guest has fished with me every year since and has never smoked a cigar in the boat. We often re-live this story and have many laughs!